Jennifer Davidson — UX Writer / Designer based in San Francisco, CA

paper prototype: mobile app / industry: tech start-up

android app design

PROJECT: Design the user experience of a mobile app for an experience-based travel startup.

REQUIREMENTS: Design flow, interactions, navigation, information architecture, sounds, icons, and overall user experience. The backend will utilize APIs from Google Maps, Yelp, and YouTube. Android version first – iPhone/tablet/web will come after proof of concept. Delight potential users, who will evangelize.

CHALLENGES: How to gather enough user data for personalization, without turning users off the app. Use familiar design styles and processes, while not plagiarizing.

APPROACH: Envision the specific processes encountered by users as they navigate through use of the app. Make selections or indication of new information fun.

RESULTS: A fun sound-effect both signals acceptance of information and enjoyment of the process for the user. Opportunities for investment by local companies are uncovered by location-based searches. Coined phrase “auto-magic” to explain delivery of results via app, a value-add to the project.

Forcalifornia startup Roleux designer, researcher

App title includes alliteration

Selection of subject. Challenge – does not include a BOTH option. Can be added

Selection of wine as subject of search

Legal notice popup

Legal notice response

Sound effect of clinking glass performs 2 functions: Confirmation of acceptance and providing fun for user

Categories for selection

Start with number of guests, as an obvious place to begin narrowing down options.

Slider has been chosen here, though a dial or typefield could also work

Movement of slider to 2 guests

Selection of 2 guests

Confirmation popup

Confirmation popup response

Pleasing sound effect to confirm

Automatic return to options screen

Selection of location

New screen with multiple location options

Selection of Napa as location

Pop-up confirmation

Response to pop-up confirmation

Pleasing sound to confirm response

Return to options screen

Selection of Visit Type option

New screen with multiple visit types

Selection of Day Trip

Pop-up confirmation


Pleasing sound effect for confirmation of selection

Return to main options screen

Time-out popup will help motivate user to finish process

Timeout popup selection

Confirmation of overall selections screen


Pleasing sound effect

Refine how results are displayed. Challenge: Search function is buried inside process. Solution: Move it to Hamburger Menu instead.

Select Map View

Pleasing sound effect

First display of map results

Selection of item of interest on map

Venue-specific listing of attributes/info

Select “Reviews” – most users use these to make decisions if they have no direct experience

Pleasing sound effect

Add customer reviews here

Select “Done” when finished

Back to main options screen for venue

Select “My Trip” options generator

Pleasing sound

Visual list result screen

Popup question re- automagic search results

Respond to popup

Pleasing sound

Populated search results

Click “Save all” feature

Pleasing sound effect

Hamburger menu to return to main options screen

Main options screen

Select “exit” to leave app, will save changes

Pleasing sound “Goodbye” makes user want to come back again