Jennifer Davidson — UX Writer / Designer based in San Francisco, CA

communication: journalism / industry: sustainable design

PROJECT: Write on the topic of Letterman Digital Arts Center for an audience of San Francisco Bay Area architecture and design enthusiasts interested in sustainable/green design.

REQUIREMENTS: Maximum 1500 words, using journalistic techniques including interviews and press releases. Suggest images with their attributions, though they may not be used.

CHALLENGES: Utilizing material from the press release resulted in stilted language that didn’t fit with the rest of the article. Summarizing a large number of facts made for dry reading.

APPROACH: I resolved the stilted language by placing the entire press release into the article and calling it out as such. I created bullet-points to visually break up some of the factual information, and make it more readable, overall.

RESULTS: The article, as published for a class at the Academy of Art University on the History of Design, received an A.

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