Jennifer Davidson — UX Writer / Designer based in San Francisco, CA

3d model: virtual residence / industry: interior design

perspective rendering, 3d modeling

PROJECT: Create three rooms of a continuous residential space.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least 1500 square feet, meeting all ADA, state, and local codes for residential construction.

CHALLENGES: Create the correct scale of a building and its contents, model fixtures and furniture from scratch, and render the textures accurately and realistically.

APPROACH: Use an established piece of pre-modeled furniture to set scale, then build and scale all fixtures and furniture to match that first piece.

RESULTS: Won second place in a professional interior design competition.

ForEdwin Jordan Role3d modeler, interior designer

Living room showing view into kitchen, featuring M1 armchair, sofa and daybed by KA Design. Glass ashtray modeled by designer.
Image produced with 3ds Max & Photoshop.

View of living room into dining room, featuring Flos Arco floor lamp and Vitra wall clock. Corner chair and pillow modeled by designer.
Image produced with 3ds Max.

Alternate view of the living room space without the Flos Arco floor lamp turned on.
Image produced with 3ds Max.

Dining room featuring Lady chair by Cattelan Italia. Materials mapping is critical for photorealistic rendering of glass and leather.
Image produced with 3ds Max.

Teen bedroom featuring double-aspect windows, a modern platform bed, and a large closet to the right of the image, not pictured in this view.
Rendering produced with 3ds Max.

Alternate view of the teen bedroom, showing the closet space, without the overhead ceiling fan nightlight on.
Image produced with 3ds Max.