Jennifer Davidson — UX Writer / Designer based in San Francisco, CA

ux audit: sample report / industry: small business

ux research, ux design

PROJECT: UX audit for a local branch of a national, membership-based non-profit.

REQUIREMENTS: Research and evidence-based recommendations for business process improvement and best practice.

CHALLENGES: Employees/Directors had pre-conceived ideas of what would be discovered, and tried to guide interviews in those directions. I took this information on board and supplemented with additional sources of information.

APPROACH: Customer discovery interviews, direct observation, data gathering from vendors and business accounts, feedback from the membership, and additional interviews of a wide range of roles at the organization.

RESULTS: $32k reduction in overall annual budget. President’s time reduced from 4-6 hours monthly to just 1 hour, President’s intercity travel reduced from 8+ hours to only 2. Bookkeeper hours reduced by half and intercity travel reduced by 85%, a savings of $2k. Administrator hours reduced, savings of $6k annually. Credit card payment service eliminated, savings of $3k annually. Phone, internet, water delivery & cleaning services eliminated, savings of $3k annually. Office went virtual with off-site storage, a savings of $15k in rent annually. Board of directors now meeting at venues donated by industry partners, with events also being held at these locations.

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